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ASCENT Combat is a community program/gym dedicated to providing quality yet affordable Martial arts and Fitness programming to the Hillside, Brownsville and Historic Downtown area. ASCENT Combat Is an extension of the Zero to 100 fitness & MMA brand which has provided Functional Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) classes on the near west side area for the past 6 years. In partnership with ASCENT GYM , We both welcome and encourage beginner's of all ages to join. 

MMA Cardio Strike 101:

MMA Cardio Strike is a group fitness class that combines mixed martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility while burning calories as you build lean muscle. This is guaranteed to be fun an challenging workout.


Power yoga is a general term used to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. ... Power yoga incorporates the athleticism of Ashtanga, including lots of vinyasas (series of poses done in sequence) but gives each teacher the flexibility to teach any poses in any order, making every class different.

MMA Fundamentals:

MMA for beginners

There are lots of fitness benefits to practicing MMA. Studies have shown that MMA training, unlike other types of exercise, works on your total body. You get a cardio and a strength training workout, all in one. Or, you can concentrate on one area more than others in order to tone and sculpt your body. Working out on a regular basis, in and of itself, offers plenty of benefits. But intense workouts like MMA training can offer you even more in the way of fitness benefits that can, over time, become good habits.

Women's MMA for self-defense 

Women's only class. Designed to develop Self-defense with a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully escape, resist, and survive violent attacks. A good self-defense course provides psychological awareness and verbal skills, not just physical training.

Youth MMA Fit:

For ages 5-17. Increases youth self-esteem, athleticism and awareness by teaching the basics Martial Arts and striking. We work on building a solid foundation of mixed martial arts. Set to promote self-discipline and goal



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